Have you ever wondered…

how conception actually happens—not the physiological process that we’re all taught in health class, or during uncomfortable conversations with our parents; but from the higher perspective—from the spiritual and energetic perspective? How do parents and babies choose one another? How do they connect energetically before conception, during the pregnancy, and then after birth? How can we adults best prepare ourselves emotionally, energetically, and spiritually to receive the baby whom is meant for us? My guidance was to create Well Awakened Fertility—my client-centered, individualized fertility practice—to answer just these types of questions.

I was a childbirth educator for years. I can’t even count the number of couples who would come to my HypnoBirthing® classes and talk about how long it had taken them to conceive their baby. After meditating on their situation, I realized that much of the problem stems from the fact that there’s a mismatch between the energy that the babies-to-be hold (and want to bring in with them), and the energy vibration of the parents. When we work to increase the energy vibration of the parents, the parents conceive with ease. I know this may sound “woo-woo” (I used to work for a Big 6 consulting firm and a venture capital firm, so I used to be concerned about “woo-woo” approaches too), but it works. As a Certified Fertility Consultant, I see clients for private fertility consultations and sessions. I have also written a draft fertility curriculum, which is focused on: how we create and manifest our desires, how energy works, and how conception happens from a spiritual and energetic perspective. I look forward to helping you prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually for conception.

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