The Healthy Baby Bundle includes two powerful presentations to: prime your baby for a lifetime of good health; and prepare you and your baby for the healthiest birth possible.
So that you can choose how you’d like to learn, both presentations include:
·       An audio .mp3 of the presentation
·       A .pdf of the audio transcription
·       The Powerpoint presentation
·       A video .mp4 of the slides with audio narration
Seeding Lifelong Health: The Impact of Pregnancy, Birth, and Infant Care on the Baby’s Developing Microbiome

How can you ensure that steps you take now will lead to a life of health for your child? This report will teach you what you need to know to create optimal health for your baby-to-be. This is THE presentation for women who want to become pregnant, or are already in early pregnancy. It’s also a MUST-HAVE for any care providers who work with these women. This 61-page report (50 presentation slides + 11 slides of references) will help you learn the steps that you need to take to help your baby’s healthy microbiome develop. Help seed lifelong health for your baby!

Baby’s Birth Plan: A Review of the Research on Pregnancy and Birth

Are you pregnant, or do you work with pregnant women? Then THIS is the presentation for you! How can you ensure that you and your baby receive the best, evidence-based care throughout pregnancy and birth? This massive, 173-slide report will guide you through the myriad of decisions that you’ll make about your care—helping you make the best decisions about what type of actions or procedures you do, or do not, want to receive throughout your pregnancy, labor, and shortly thereafter. Written from the baby’s perspective, what does the available research evidence show the baby wants—which procedures are in the highest interest of the baby—throughout the entire pregnancy and birth process?