As a former HypnoBirthing® Educator and Faculty Member, I often had couples contact me who had had challenging first births and “wanted a better way” for their second births. Even some of the HypnoBirthing couples whom I taught may have experienced some grief or underlying sadness about a small part of their birth process. We’re human beings, and everything doesn’t always work out exactly as we plan—no matter how meticulous the planning. Nurses, midwives, parents—all have asked me for years to hold a Birth Healing Circle; so that women whom have experienced trauma, or whom “just wish it had gone a little differently,” can process through their emotions about one of the most impactful days of their life. In a safe, nurturing environment, we will process and heal emotions related to your birthing experience, allowing you to let go of anger or grief or frustration, and thus finding a place of inner peace and acceptance. This work not only serves the birthing parent, it heals relationships with the non-birthing parent and the child as well. A hypnotic process will be included in the evening’s activities.