Technology. Social media. Work hours seeping into our “home time.” The “always on call” mentality of our current work environment means we’re sometimes expected to respond to work phone calls, texts, or e-mails at all hours of the day and night—both on weekdays and on weekends. This blending of work into our home environment flows in the opposite direction as well; in a recent survey, 62% of all respondents reported spending at least an hour per day on their personal phone while at work. We used to only get interrupted at work by our work colleagues, coming to discuss an urgent issue or brainstorm a creative solution. Now we have those “interruptions” plus all of the buzzing, beeping, and alarms on our work and personal devices. No wonder we all feel pulled in multiple directions simultaneously. What do all of these interruptions and distractions do to our nervous systems? Well, it puts them on high alert.

And this “high alert” state can lead to difficulties with focus and prioritization; impatience; mood swings; and impulse control. Come learn and experience tools and techniques for a more meditative demeanor, greater inner calm, and deeper focus. A hypnotic process will be included in the evening’s activities.