Focus Pocus:
Fast, Easy Techniques for Overcoming Distractions and Achieving Peak Performance
Have you ever been on a tight deadline? You’re focused on completing a project. The phone won’t stop ringing. Text messages keep your cell buzzing. You can ignore all of those to keep moving forward. Then a colleague pokes their head in your cubicle and says, “Hey, do you have time for a quick question?”

UGH! Focus lost.

Research shows that people tend to experience interruptions (or self-interruptions) every 10½ minutes. More concerning, the same study found that it takes over 23 minutes to get back on task—even following a short, minor interruption.

So how do you get eight hours of work done in an eight-hour day when five of those hours are spent ramping up to the task?

Like you, Lori Nicholson has felt pulled in too many directions. During her corporate career, there were days when all she did was field requests, with hardly any time to respond to, or complete, the requests.

Then she discovered “Mindfulness and Focus” tools and found herself achieving the highest levels of productivity quickly.

With Lori’s “Mindfulness and Focus Experience” you will discover quick-and-easy tools that you can use now to: greatly reduce distractions at work; stay on-task to complete your assignments on-time, and in a high quality manner; and achieve a state of inner calm and focus, so that you can experience more flow and “Peak Performance” throughout your work day.