Yes, You Can!:
How to Communicate With Employees for More Positive, Profitable Outcomes
An employee marches into your office and threatens to quit. A second employee is stressed because he doesn’t know how to do the work that you’ve assigned him. A third employee bursts into tears due to the loss of a family pet.

Your success as a manager depends on what you say and do next.

Research has found that happy employees are 12% more productive. So how do you manage the competing needs of your team and increase productivity?

Lori Nicholson has been there. As a young manager, eager to prove herself, she took on a very challenging, highly emotionally charged project, with little support. There was a huge amount of work to achieve in a short timeframe, and tensions were high. Over the past two decades, she has honed her understanding of emotional regulation, solution framing, and positive language patterns to help you succeed at work.

With Lori’s “Positive Communication for Positive Outcomes Experience” you will discover quick-and-easy tools that you can use now to: communicate what you want from your teams—not what you don’t want; use words to heal, rather than to harm; and regulate your own emotions prior to responding to others. In short, you will learn how to communicate for optimal outcomes.