From Squeeze to Ease:
How to Release Stress and Anxiety for Greater Productivity
Are you a high achiever at work who feels overwhelmed—like you have to sacrifice your physical and mental health in order to get everything done?

Over 70% of people regularly experience physical or psychological symptoms caused by stress, with “job pressure” mentioned as the top stressor. You want to succeed at work, without making yourself sick.

Like you, Lori Nicholson was an overachieving perfectionist. She stressed so much about the amount and quality of her work that she created chronic health issues for herself. Then she discovered her “Stress and Anxiety Release” toolkit and experienced the highest level of productivity at work, and good health and a sense of accomplishment at home.

With Lori’s “Stress and Anxiety Release Experience” you will discover quick-and-easy tools that you can use now to: stay centered and calm in the midst of an overwhelming and/or chaotic work environment; release stress and anxiety, so that you can think better, feel better, and do better; and experience more peak-performance moments during your work day. Experience how to: